Whiterock Resources

About Our Company

Whiterock Resources formed as an alliance of environmental professionals, dedicated to providing support activities to corporations and consultants in the Energy and Environmental Industries. Based in Enid, Oklahoma, Whiterock provides services across the United States. We utilize our network to execute projects efficiently and safely for clients approached with limited budgets and time constraints. Whiterock caters to a diverse trade base by providing a range of services, from pre-construction environmental compliance to complete environmental restoration, utilizing experienced and trained personnel.

In 2021 Clearwater Environmental Services, an environmental consulting company specializing in Petroleum Storage Tank Services including underground storage tank (UST) removals and subsurface hydrological investigations throughout Oklahoma, merged with Whiterock Resources.  The two companies have long-standing track records of delivering successful environmental consulting services with similar solutions-focused cultures.  With the merger, Whiterock has tripled its team of professionals dedicated to providing quality environmental services to clients and communities throughout Oklahoma and the United States.  The partnership has accelerated Whiterock’s growth in the UST investigation market and enhanced the firm’s ability to better serve its national client base with expanded resources and expertise.

In conjunction with its strategic partners, Whiterock possesses the personnel, equipment, and experience to provide timely, complete, and innovative remediation services for our clients. These strategic alignments allow the firms to combine the varied skills and extensive experiences of their geologists, engineers, licensed drillers, heavy equipment operators, and technical personnel. Our goal is to make our client’s job easier and to save both time and money. We meet this goal by listening to clients’ needs and paying strict attention to safety, logistics, and the quality of our work. We stress communication, teamwork, and technical skills. Our cooperative effort blends the resources of the team’s wide variety of expertise without adding additional cost for our client. The product is a diversified alliance capable of handling projects of virtually any size, at any location, at any time.

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