Whiterock Resources is dedicated to providing site restoration and erosion control services to the Construction and Energy industries in Oklahoma and surrounding states. We understand the importance of maintaining production and exploration schedules, while facilitating regulatory compliance. Whiterock has the staff and equipment to make sure every job is done right and at the lowest cost possible. Our industry professionals provide you with unique and customizable solutions to suit a variety of needs. Restoration services include:

  • Erosion Control
  • Remediation of Salt/Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil
    • In Situ Soil Mixing/Soil Stabilization
    • Contaminated Soil Excavation, Transportation and Disposal
  • Right–of–Way and Lease Site Maintenance & Restoration
    • Right-of-way Reseeding
    • Landscaping, Clearing, Grubbing and Grading
Oil well at sunrise
Tractor Gradding Land