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Underground Storage Tank Installation

Location: Former Bulk Fuel Facility, Oklahoma

Services Provided: Regulatory Compliance

Whiterock was contracted by a fuel distributor after the client received a letter for an inactive Underground Storage Tank at a bulk fuel facility. The tank had been registered Permanently Out of Use (POU) and required permanent closure according to Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) guidelines. Upon inspection of the UST, the tankhold was found to be within 6” of the foundation of an office building on the location. Given the proximity of the buried tank to the office building foundation, Whiterock requested a variance for a UST Closure in Place from the OCC. Upon approval of the variance, our team submitted the 14-day scheduling notice and line locate request. Concrete was saw cut and removed from the top of the tank. All flow and vent lines, product and sludge were removed from tank. It was then filled completely with water and saw cut open. The inerting water was then removed and transported to a disposal facility, and the tank was backfilled with fill sand and compacted. Rebar was tied into the existing concrete and a new slab re-poured. Per OCC guidelines, soil samples were collected using a direct-push rig and submitted to a certified lab. Once results from the lab were obtained, a UST closure report was submitted to the OCC.